1 on 1 Player Coaching

Today’s athlete is primarily faced with 3 main challenges in wake of the recent circumstances surrounding the Corona Virus:

They Are:

  1. How do I continue to train while not having access to gyms, rinks, and other facilities?
  2. How do I get noticed by coaches and promote myself to the next level when I’m not able to compete?
  3. How do I live a healthy lifestyle (Mental, Physical, Spiritual) while confined primarily to my home?

In facing these questions athletes can choose to be either reactive or proactive. 

The reactive athlete sits and does nothing as he or she waits to see what happens while the proactive athlete considers the circumstances and decides to tackle the above three questions head on. 

Jeff Heimel, director of Heimel Sports, has over 15 years of experience in the development, coaching and advancement of hockey players.  His company was created in 2017 to help provide solutions for athletes looking to up their game to the next level. 

In light of these circumstances, Heimel Sports is offering 1-1 web based player mentorship sessions to help hockey players and parents deal with some of the above mentioned challenges during this interesting time.  During these sessions we will:

  1. Discuss players short and long term hockey goals
  2. Help players with identifying an appropriate at home workout and training plan. 
  3. Assist players with a plan to contact and promote themselves to higher level coaches. 
  4. Help players with advice on keeping a healthy lifestyle during this time. 

Sessions are available in one hour increments

The cost for a one hour session is $100.

All online sessions will be held through Zoom at the following link:


Only one question remains:  Are you an athlete that will be proactive or reactive during this time period?

To sign up for 1-1 Player Coaching click on the link below: